Исполнитель Inferia

InferiaThe long-line veteran INFERIA from Lahti is formed in 1989 and is one of the original Finnish death-grind bands, basing their own grindcore on bands such as mighty Napalm Death and North American death metal bands Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Malevolent Creation. Mixing it all up with some death / hardcore influences and love lyrics, the band fucked their own unique style, now known as 'porndeath-grind'. The band evolved its sound and content through the early years, and they consider “Release for burial orgies” (2005) as their first album of the new era. INFERIA started touring again in Europe. In 2009 INFERIA is celebrating 25th Anniversary Tour in South America 2014. "balls-out grindcore characterized by animalistic grunts and growls on vox, wicked guitar riffs and aggressive drumming" by Mykke of DoomRadio In 2009 INFERIA was featured in TV news report about extreme Finnish music abroad . Broadcasted in prime time by Finnish national TV-station. This is a unique case concerning extreme music coming from Finland. Current grindcarnation: 2016 Jani Huttunen - Vocals, Guitar Olli Vesanen - Guitar Sami Tikkanen – Bass Kalle Lindfors - Drums As always, INFERIA is looking for places to spread their sound live, labels to release our stuff, as well as possible bands interested in releasing some splits and tour as much as possible. We hope to see you on tour!!! Some fests & gigs: Nice to eat you death festival 2015 25th Anniversary Tour in South America 2014 BRUTAL WINTER FEST IN Cuba February 2013 - INFERIA was first Finnish grindcore band which played in Cuba Shercock Holmes tour in South America 2012, (Brasil, Argentina, Paraguay), Eisenwahn Festival 2012,Tuska Festival 2012, Jalometalli 2011,10th Anniversary WCH FESTIVAL 20th Anniversary Tour, Argentina, Obscene Extreme festival (2 times), Czech Republic PetroGrind festival (2 times), Russia Fuck The Commerce Festival, Germany Gothenburg Deathfest, Sweden Devils Night, Finland Analcoholist tour, Finland, Latvia, Poland and Germany Baltic Assault Tour, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland and Germany …and many more Gigs and Festival with: Suffocation, Origin, Napalm Death, Dying Fetus, Carcass, Vomepotro, Destruction, Lam Of God, Misery Index Massacre (USA), Agathogles, Rotten Sound, Sinister, Pungent Stench, Cock and Ball Torture, Mucopus Skullhog …and many many more….during 1989-2012 Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.